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Mental Health Advisor.  Psychotherapist.  Content Creator for MH.
Works with Adolescents, Adults, and the Geriatric Population 
Experienced in  Individual, Couple, and Family Therapy 
Concerns include Stress  Anxiety  Depression  Personality  
Self Improvement Relationships 
Habit Building  Procrastination  Parenting 
Caregiver Burnout Family  Discord  Marital Counseling 

About Infomation

I am a R.C.I. Licensed Rehabilitation Psychologist, A Mental Health Practitioner based out of Jaipur, India. I finished my first master's in Clinical Psychology from R.D National College, Mumbai, and the second one from Jaipur. 


Born in a family of an Army Officer and a Social Activist, working towards the betterment of individuals is something that is deep-seated inside of me. I intend to touch a billion lives through my work. 

My therapy approach focuses on working on the gap between an individual's current self and the desired self. I like to focus on the root cause and work with the client step by step. 

Currently, I am working as a Mental Health Expert in J.P.H.S., running my private practice, and doing contractual projects out of my office. To know more about me feel free to drop a message at

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