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Individual Therapy
Individual therapy is a joint effort between the client and therapist with an aim to address mental health concerns, inspire change and improve the client's quality of life.   I provide both online and offline sessions subject to COVID-19 regulations.
Fee: Rs. 1500/- per session
Couple's Therapy
Couples therapy is an attempt to address the problems of couples, married or in a relationship. It aims at improving their relationship and working towards the goals of each partner in that relationship.
Fee: Rs. 2300/- per session
Group Therapy
Group therapy is a form of therapy that addresses multiple people at the same with an aim to reduce their mental health concerns and improve the overall quality of their lives. Family therapy is a collective effort to address mental health issues and behavior patterns in a family aimed at improving the well-being of all members. 
Fee: Rs. 1000/- per person up to 5 individuals per session
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